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Jacobsen Jenealogy Journal

I’ve been doing family history since 1997 and am a stickler for EVIDENCE to support my research!

I have invested THOUSANDS of Hours and THOUSANDS of dollars in my genealogy research and do NOT approve of anyone who STEALS my work (or that of other genealogists)! Genealogy work does not qualify as public domain just because it is on the internet.

Michael J. Leclerc says it best at http://blog.mocavo.com/2012/11/copyright-and-copy-wrong:

The names of your family members, as well as dates and places of events are not copyrightable. HOWEVER, the way they are written up, which words are used, etc. IS copyrightable. So stealing someone’s GEDCOM file, adding it to your file, and presenting it as your own is a copyright violation.

With that said, please do not pilfer my hard work, but feel free to learn more about my family!

In order to view the details of my research, you must be a registered user for the Jacobsen Jenealogy Journal database section of this website.

Click here to access the ==> Jacobsen Jenealogy Journal database <== Our main "eight" family tree names include:   Paternal Line:
  Click here for a listing of all of the JACOBSEN-NELSON Family names

  Maternal Line:
  Click here for a listing of all of the TURLEY-MENDENHALL Family names

  Click here for a listing of all of the OSTHEIMER-KILLIAN family names

Since I have invested a LOT of time and money in my research, I ask that you do not share of my data without my express permission.

As always, feel free to post any comments regarding my Jacobsen Jenealogy Journal…

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